Bookmarks for November 11th

These are my links for November 11th:

  • Enterprise Microsharing Apps: Read All About Em | Pistachio – Thinking about using Twitter-like microblogging inside your enterprise? Here's a report from Pistachio that reviews 19 of these tools. Via Jevon MacDonald at the FASTForward blog.
  • Official Google Reader Blog: Is Your Web Truly World-Wide? – Google Reader will now translate any feed into your natural language, allowing you to read all those BPM blogs that are in another language. The machine translation isn't perfect, of course, but it at least gives you the gist of the post. Also auto-translates any links from those posts using the same auto-detected language pair. The only down side is that it only works if you are reading that one feed; if it's part of a folder and you're reading the folder, then it reverts to its original language.

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