Bookmarks for September 30th

These are my links for September 30th:

  • Piatti – I've been to a few of these Brazilian-style restaurants in the US, but this is the first that I've heard of in Toronto. Review sounds great; I'll be saving it for my next carnivorous phase.
  • Making an end run around PayPal | – David Crow writes about RBC Mobex, a mobile phone-based payment service run by Canada's largest bank, which you can use to transfer money to your friends. Many Canadians are reluctant to link their bank accounts to PayPal, but might feel more comfortable with RBC. Free during the trial period; unfortunately no news on what it's going to cost after that. Limited to $100/day/recipient during the trial.

2 thoughts on “Bookmarks for September 30th

  1. Re: Piatti, there is actually one in Markham too by Hwy 7 and the 404 but its name escapes me right now. You basically go in, get as much side dish as you want and then dig in to about 9 types of meat I believe. They have 6 for lunch and 9 for dinner or the other way around.

    A really great “memorable gathering” restaurant, in my opinion.

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