Bookmarks for October 29th

These are my links for October 29th:

  • » LinkedIn Pay it Forward Day Taking it Personal: The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but… my version of the truth. – Susan Scrupski with a wonderfully generous idea: a "pay it forward" day in LinkedIn, where you pick one of your contacts at random and write a recommendation for them. Who knows when any of us might be looking for a job sometime soon and need that recommendation?
  • WordPress themes for developers | geek ramblings – Very customizable WordPress themes for those who like to roll their own css.
  • Network Effects in Data – O'Reilly Radar – Tim O'Reilly's elegant way of calling Nick Carr an idiot and showing how much smarter he is than many others: "Nick Carr's difficulty in understanding my argument that cloud computing is likely to end up a low-margin business unless companies find some way to harness the network effects that are the heart of Web 2.0 made me realize that I use the term "network effects" somewhat differently, and not in the simplistic way many people understand it." That's not really the point of the article, of course, but you may want to use that as an instructional guide on insulting someone who disagrees with you while retaining your sense of superiority.

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