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  1. Sandy – thanks to the link to our Market IQ on BPM.

    There are no guarantees for ROI levels or timeframes with any technology acquisition/deployment, are there? What’s the ROI on e-mail? Latest update to Windows? Newest iPhone? 5 year migration from PeopleSoft to SAP?

    With BPM in particular, it *should* be very easy to point to payback, efficiency, reduction in re-work, etc., but saying so and doing it are entirely different things.

    Many organizations only pay lip service to ROI calculations/expectations prior to deploying technology, and of those that go through the motions up front, the percentage that follow up to really see what the payback was, is an even rarer beast.

    Makes reasonable decision making a difficulty, for sure. Business isn’t a science for many though – it’s “shoot from the hip” and pray for success. Of course sometimes the shot ricochets… 😀


  2. Of course there’s no guarantees, but I’m surprised that the 3-year ROI number is so low — most companies implementing BPM are aiming for 18-24 months, so they’re missing by a wide margin.

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