Bookmarks for September 7th

These are my links for August 20th:

  • Google Chrome Comic Book – And now, browsers can have their own comic books…
  • Michael Moore’s SLACKER UPRISING – The new Michael Moore film, available as a free download to US and Canadian residents for three weeks starting Sept. 23rd. Nice that’s it’s not US-only for a change, but we do consider him an honorary Canadian. 🙂
  • Flight Rights Canada – Transport Canada – Canadian air travelers rights, published by Transport Canada.
  • – Finding free wifi in Europe
  • InfoQ: Does My Bus Look Big in This? – Brilliant talk by Martin Fowler and Jim Webber on the current state of bloated integration-ware, and what to do about it. According to them, ESB = Erroneous Spaghetti Box…
  • Appian Insight – Appian starts blogging — only two posts so far, but good to have more vendors in the space. Via Scott Francis at

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