Bookmarks for September 26th

These are my links for September 26th:

  • IT|Redux – BPM 2.0: Méfiez vous des imitations – Ismael Ghalimi on what needs to be in a product to call it "BPM 2.0". I still don't think that BPEL is essential to provide the benefits, but agree with everything else.
  • SAP Network Wiki – SAP's BPX wiki, with the aim to "share all information, both within and outside SAP, on the new Certification program for Business Process Expert, based on SAP BPM blended with SOA approach"
  • BPM: Page 01 – BPM – Sometimes those automated searches for BPM bring back the strangest stuff, like an online graphic novel called BPM about a DJ: BPM in this context means "beats per minute".
  • State of the Business Process Management Market 2008 – Oracle re-releases their branded version of the BEA State of the BPM market white paper that I co-authored for them earlier this year. Nice to see it getting some more mileage, even if I'm not credited in the report. This links directly to the PDF on Oracle's site.
  • Detecting earthquakes with laptops | Shake it all about | The Economist – Using a network of volunteer laptops to detect information about earthquakes using their onboard accelerometers (link through to the QCN page at Stanford for more information). Like SETI@home, only with more chance of actually finding something.

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