Bookmarks for September 22nd

These are my links for September 22nd:

  • Co.mments – Unfortunately, my main comment tracking site has been broken for several days. Any suggested alternatives? I've tried CoComment but find it too invasive and heavy for what I need, which is simple, unsocial tracking of posts that I comment on and any future comments placed on those posts.
  • Model Portability in BPMN 2.0 – BPMS Watch – Bruce Silver's continuing commentary on the new BPMN 2.0 submission. Today: how portable are these models, anyway?
  • Anyone But Harper – Yes, we're having an election up here, too. This pretty much summarizes my political position.

4 thoughts on “Bookmarks for September 22nd

  1. Giannii, I don’t want a social bookmarking capablity, I use for that. What I want is the ability to tag any post (or really anything with a feed) as being of interest, and see new comments that occur on it. I use this to track follow-up comments on comments that I put on blog posts, but I also use to to track comments where I haven’t added a comment, just where I’m interested in the conversation.

    I don’t want something that detects when it thinks something should be bookmarked, I want to manually initiate the bookmarking, then have that item’s feed added to my aggregated feed for consumption.

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