Bookmarks for September 22nd

These are my links for September 22nd:

  • Process for the Enterprise » Blog Archive » Measurable benefit in BPM. Where is it? Part I – Good post from Lance Gibbs asking "where's the beef" in BPMS implementations: "little of that forward looking, game changing, futuristic ideology will matter if the fundamental concept of investment-risk-reward measurement is not attached to business process management". I'm with Lance on this, I'm just not seeing the widespread enterprise-wide implementations that should be there if we're really experiencing growth in BPM beyond departmental solutions, and there's a definite lack of discipline in how to measure the return on these projects.
  • How to Remain Competitive: Build, Buy or BPM – You have to love the title of this article, if nothing else. 🙂 The author seems to think that "buy" doesn't mean "buy a BPMS", however: it seems to mean "buy an ERP system or other packaged application". As the CIO of Pegasystems, she must know that people pay for a BPMS, right?
  • Green Leader goes retro with train tour – I love it: the leader of Canada's Green Party campaigns by (public) train. She'll never be prime minister, but she's there to be the country's conscience, not its leader.

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