Bookmarks for September 17th

These are my links for September 17th:

  • Notorious Webmaster » Blog Archive » The Return of CBC’s Search Engine – CBC's Search Engine, one of my favorite podcasts, is returning as a regular podcast although canceled as a radio show. Since I almost never listen to live radio, I don't much care about the radio show being canceled; the podcast allows anyone to listen anywhere.
  • Press Release: EMC, IBM and Microsoft Jointly Create First Web Services Interface Specification for Greater Interoperability of Enterprise Content Management Systems – The big ECM vendors get together to discuss interoperability standards for content management systems. Although they are all doing some amount of content federation, there's no standards behind it, making it difficult to add new sources. This is an essential piece of making all of the information in your organization accessible through a single search interface while maintaining heterogeneous data sources.
  • Trends: The ECM Suites Report 2009 released today – I am wondering how a 2009 report is issued 3-1/2 months before the end of 2008: what precisely makes this a 2009 report? Regardless, it covers 30 ECM vendors from the mainstream to the niche products. Interestingly, no one is covering IBM's old Content Manager product these days, but only IBM FileNet P8; however, IBM keeps trying to sell that old stuff.
  • Dave Thinking Aloud: Modelling Timer Interrupt in BPMN – A BPMN timer example in Intalio, and how it might not be handled as it could best be. I also liked the author's response to a comment by Intalio: "I suggest that BPEL is submerged into the dark world of Intalio developers and that you concentrate on BPMN and its future. What I want is a business process that can be made executable without restructuring it rather than a really neat way to write BPEL. Neither BPMN nor BPEL are the ultimate in expression but BPMN is likely to be best in the hands of your target audience."
  • Jim Sinur — A member of the Gartner Blog Network – Jim Sinur back at Gartner (after a short term at Global 360), and blogging on Gartner's new blogging network.
  • OMG Document — – The current BPMN 2.0 for Services (BPMN-S) document
  • OMG Document — – The current BPMN 2.0 document
  • TechDays – Coming Soon ! – Microsoft selects their Toronto TechDays schedule to directly conflict with IBM's Cascon — not their brightest move. I'm out of town that week, but if I were here, I'd likely choose Cascon over TechDays.
  • BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide « Go Flow – Keith Swenson's review of th enew BPMN modeling book by Stephen White and Derek Miers. Haven't had a chance to review it yet myself. Keith did have a criticism on the BPMN-BPEL issue: "Everyone living outside of a cave has noticed that BPMN has to be fundamentally transformed in order to produce BPEL, so to say you are executing the model directly is very misleading."

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