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  1. Sandy:

    I appreciate the reference. About the “language”, Mark and I have a long history of public discussion of somewhat diverging ideologies. I must admit that I voluntarily pushed the language here for two reasons:

    1) I felt Mark’s argument aim at pushing a “fad” (applying Web 2.0 concepts just about everywhere) without creating a strong foundation for doing so. Ultimately, “fads”, “hypes”… dis-serve BPM. Some people point at a “magic bullet” and as disillusions keep coming our way, CXOs loose faith in what is otherwise a great concepts. We have had so many lost opportunities in the last 10 years that we don’t need anymore.

    2) I have been working on BPM products, methodologies, standards, solutions … since 1997 and I am saddened to see it at the level where it is today, and I am sure you are too: it had grown, yes, but BPM deserves to drive a much larger share of IT (for good business reasons). So, I sometime loose it a little bit -on purpose- to bring to people’s attention how important it is to use very precise formalisms, technologies, approaches… : precision is the magic bullet.

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