The missing links

In case you’ve been missing my Links posts since early June, here’s what I’ve posted since then:

    3 thoughts on “The missing links

    1. Mike, see this post that I wrote about the IBM-FileNet acquisition (comparing it to the Oracle-BEA acquisition): I believe that IBM is gradually marginalizing FileNet BPM in favor of WebSphere BPM. As WebSphere adds human workflow capabilities, the need for FileNet BPM becomes less and less: although it is integrated with the content repository, it’s not such a tight integration that you couldn’t do it with any other BPM product (including WebSphere). At the time of the acquisition, I thought that IBM should have taken FileNet BPM and moved it over to become the human-facing side of WebSphere BPM, but they’ve gone another route that will see FileNet BPM die a slow and lingering death.

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