One thought on “links for 2008-03-14

  1. Sandy,

    I’m on the business side of my organization and am trying (with decent success so far) to get our company to embrace process management. We’re to the point where we think it’s somethng we want to do – but now what? The challenge before us is to transform the way we think, and it’s at this point that I am somewhat stumped. In the books I have read my thinking is BPM is the foundation and then Six Sigma and Lean become tools utilized to drive CPI. So my thinking is I need to get my arms around how I am going to train up our employees on the basics of Process Management and to that end, what should this look like? I am thinking Process Design and Mapping, but haven’t had much success is finding basic enough stuff to accomplish this. Seems everything is too academic and not as practical as maybe I’d like. Any thoughts you have on what I am thinking or where you think I should go to find what I am looking for would be appreciated.


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