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  1. Hm, I was suprised as well (top 10). But other sites talk about the proper BPM

    So what’s the truth??
    Gartner’s site:
    “Business Process Modeling. Top-level process services must be defined jointly by a set of roles (which include enterprise architects, senior developers, process architects and/or process analysts). Some of those roles sit in a service oriented architecture center of excellence, some in a process center of excellence and some in both. The strategic imperative for 2008 is to bring these groups together. Gartner expects BPM suites to fill a critical role as a compliment to SOA development.

    Hm. Sounds like BPM to me… although a bit techie…


  2. I’m surprised that the ComputerWorld article changes modelling to management. They may be correct, but they’re misquoting Gartner.

    The term “BPM suites” that Gartner uses on their page is only ever refers to business process management, not modelling. Someone goofed somewhere, perhaps?

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