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  1. Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for adding our link there. As you pointed out, BPDM was not a good name for our site, so we renamed it to diveintobpm.org which makes more sense since we opened our beta version with BPMN stuff only. We are currently working on an introduction to BPDM.



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  3. Sylvain, since BPDM will become part of the next BPMN specification (according to the BPM Think Tank last month), the BPDM name may become even less known. Maybe consider changing the title of your webpage?

  4. Hi Sandy,

    You are correct, both BPMN and BPDM acronyms will disappear. However we did not booked the BPDM domain for that project but for another one which was never launched. Since we owned it, we used it for a couple of days when we went live with our beta version. We knew it was a bad name and it took us a few days to agree on another one: DiveIntoBPM.org.
    Anyway, aside from that domain issue I hope you enjoyed our content and concept, feel free to let us know if you have ideas on how to improve our project.


    Sylvain Astier

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