links for 2006-06-07

  • Nicholas Carr’s post from last year on why process matters, in response to Ross Mayfield’s “The End of Process” post.
    (tags: bpm)
  • An association for people in Spain who are interested in BPM.
    (tags: bpm)
  • James Taylor on how to tell that a service (or process) is ideal for automation using business rules.
  • A great post by Muli Koppel from last year (it was hanging around in my bookmarks) on why SOA is a fundamental paradigm shift that will change our lives. Be sure to check out the two sequel posts linked at the end of this post.
    (tags: soa)
  • A project for a rainy day.
  • wiki pages on the various released and in-progress microformats, including hCard and hCalendar.
  • Cool mashup of the day: mashes up Google Maps, Google Search, Flickr, and Locates you based on your IP, then shows you on Google maps with Flickr photos tagged with your location. Strangely, AdSense ads in German.
    (tags: mashups)
  • Ismail Ghalimi with a BPM vs SOA viewpoint that I can agree with: “BPM and SOA are the two sides of the same BPM 2.0 coin. BPM is SOA’s killer application, while SOA is BPM’s enabling infrastructure.”
    (tags: bpm soa)

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